Malk is one of Julian's most popular videos, having garnered over fifteen million views as of July 2012. The two minute long video premiered on Julian's Youtube channel on November 5th, 2009. It is currently part of a playlist which includes ten of Julian's most popular videos.


The video begins in Donnivin Jordan's kitchen, where Julian and his friends Donnivin and Josh Lovell are hanging out. Donnivin is on his laptop and Julian is playing a game on his i-Phone. Josh asks if Donnivin has anything to drink, Donnivin points him to the fridge, prompting Josh to get up and open it. Julian asks Josh to get him some milk, which he mispronounces "malk." This prompts Josh and Julian to argue about how it's properly said.

This goes on for a while. Eventually, Josh asks Donnivin to back him up, which only makes things worse when Donnivin sides with Julian and uses a whole new pronunciation (mulk). The argument is then briefly cut off when Donnivin's father (who's white) comes in and asks them to use inside voices. Donnivin apologizes, blaming his "white friends." After he leaves, the friends start yelling at eachother with their own interpretations of how milk is pronounced. This goes on until Josh pulls out a gun, telling the others to shut up. He then holds the gun to his head, threatening suicide. Julian and Donnivin then pull out their guns and point them at Josh until he points out it doesn't make sense. Soon, all three friends point their guns at themselves, tearfully trying to talk eachother down.

The scene then shifts to Josh talking with Julian over the phone. it's revealed that Josh was pitching the "Malk" skit to Julian for the possibility of filming it. Julian vehemently refuses to film it, citing that the sketch seems dark. It's then shown that Julian is putting his pet cat Scout in the oven.