Mr. Timn appears in 4 of Julian Smith's videos, and stars in 3. In all his appearances he is played by Smith himself. He usually dies at the end of each video, stating "????-2011". Also, in most of his videos, Mr. Timn hears something, often leading him to his death. People often mistake his name as "Mr. Tim."

Mr. Timn in CandylandEdit

Mr. Timn visits Toby, who is washing dishes. In all of Julian's other videos, Toby doesn't have an accent. Mr. Timn in Candyland is the only video that Toby appears in and has an English accent.

Mr. Timn appears asking Toby if he fancies a sandwich, which Toby declines. Mr. Timn tells Toby that he lives in his garden, and ask

This is the second "Mr. Timn" video. In this video, Mr. Timn visits Donnavin, who is ironing. Mr. Timn greets Donnavin with "Salutations." Donnavin asks Mr. Timn if he is the milkman (which he is obviously not.) Mr. Timn asks to use Donnavin's bathroom and dryer, but Donnavin declines to both, saying, "I'm looking right at you, you're not wet." Mr. Timn says, "How do I know that you're looking right at me?" in protest, then grabs Donnavin by his shirt.

Mr. Timn then tells Donnavin that he (Donnavin) is going to die, and they fight over Donnavin's pants. Mr. Timn hears a group of people blowing their noses together and wants to join them, He gets hit by a car and dies again. Donnavin clearly never died, as he appears in many future videos.

Mr. Timn and Kill YouEdit

Nah fam

Mr. Timn notices a weapon that Britt is working on. When Mr. Timn asks what the name is, Britt says that he doesn't know yet. Mr. Timn suggests "Kill You," and says that it's "short and descriptive." Britt doesn't like the name. Mr. Timn grabs Britt by his shirt saying that he's going to have to name it "Kill You." Mr. Timn then hears thousands of tiny whistles being blown from millions of miles away, He states that he's got to get out of there. He gets hit by a car and dies again.


Mr. Timn is revealed to be the person that Gabriel is working for in the seasaon 2 finale.

Other appearances Edit

Mr. Timn also appears in the Rhett and Link music video called "Rub Some Bacon On It," where he appears at Rhett's window saying "Hey boy" and when Rhett rubs bacon on him he eats it.